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ミッション Our Mission

Equipping students as cross-cultural leaders who impact the world for Jesus.


教育理念 Educational Philosophy

We believe bilingual, internationally-minded, American-based,

Christ-centered education within a caring community equips students.






The above mission and educational philosophy were inherited from Kyoto International University (KIU) and KIU Academy, the alma mater of our founding director. We would like to thank KIU for their generous cooperation in the establishment of our school. While we will operate independently of each other in terms of management policy, legal matters, and academic performance, we would like KIU Academy to advise Trinity International School as it grows as a school.


We understand that many of you may be concerned about the school's track record since it has just opened. However, our school is a sister school of KIU Academy, which has a long history and a proven track record, and we plan to provide educational services based on KIU Academy's policies and educational philosophy. If you are interested in learning more about the academic achievements and employment opportunities of our students, please refer to KIU's website.

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